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What We Do!

Music Promotion

We take your music to the top!

It’s hard in today’s society as a musician. The demands are enormous. Since the pandemic some artists are back to working the grind in a full-time job. This leaves little time to create music let alone promote your creations.


This is where Sirius Promotions come in. Instead of you spending hours, if not days making contact with blogs, radio promotion, gaining plays and being added to playlists or getting your song reviewed; our hard working team does this for you with our established network of contacts. This frees up your time to do what you love doing and that is making music!

Our Services!

Music Promotion

Music Promotion is important, after all you’ve created a piece of art and you want the world to hear it!

That’s where Sirius Promotions network of contacts come in.

We offer a full and comprehensive music promotion package; ranging from a one month blitz to a long term solid growth pathway.

Our consultants have a combined 40 year experience in the music industry and have worked either with or on some of the world’s best selling artists work.

This gives you the solid foundation to succeed!

Playlist submission

Just releasing your works of art isn’t enough in today’s market!

There are over 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify every day, so it’s easy for your song to slip past many playlists.

Every song that we take on board automatically gets pushed out to our pool of playlist curators.

editorial reviews

Magazines used to be the go to for plugging your music. Over the past decade, magazine sales (just like CD sales) have declined to the stage where everything is online.

A magazine might have only had a run of 300,000 copies.A handful of blogs can throw your music video into millions of views

Content Creation

You’ve got better things to do than post to social media! It’s no longer a secret that they key to social media is posting relevant material regularly.

Our in-house copy creators and social media gurus are more than happy be your go to and post regularly freeing up time for you next single.


Push To Radio

Australian musicians can benefit from our push to radio service. 

This can be very beneficial for promotions that encompass EP’s or full length CD. However we can also get your single in to the hands of the right people.

If you’re planning to release a full length album or EP digitally only, we can organise CD duplication

media Creation

There’s more to your promo than just your hard work in the studio.

There’s lyric videos, CD Artwork, websites updates.  Our go to graphic guys can help get you artwork to the next level!


Honest feedback

Most PR companies will either knock you back without any reason.

Sirius Promotions have a different outlook, your song might not be quite at the level to succeed and our pledge is that we will work with you to get you to that level so you will succeed. 

Our reputation is on the line with every promotion, we’ve worked with some artists that have gone on to the next level and we want you to get there too.

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